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Smita Pathak

About Me

My area of focus is Positive Parenting. I provide tailored counselling to parents on the basis of principles of Positive Psychology, which believes in positive intervention earlier on in childhood. In other words, it guides us on how to prevent and correct non-conducive behavioural patterns, by the understanding of human behaviour and by adopting the right attitudes and mechanisms in parents and their children. 

My art: I am an artist with multiple exhibitions in Malaysia, which were well-received and covered in national media. My art’s focus is in exploring the field of spirituality  as well as delving Into the workings of the human mind. My medium of preference is acrylic on canvas. I have trained for the last 9 years under the tutelage of one of the most prominent solo artists in Malaysia, Jeganathan Ramchandram.


  • Masters degree in Social Work with a specialisation in Urban & Rural Community Development (1984-86), from the Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi (a leading Social Work Institute in India).

  • BA Honors in Psychology with specialisation in Developmental (Child) Psychology (1981-84), from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi (well-renowned for its Department of Psychology).

    • Dissertation: Comparative Study of Mother-Child Interaction between Adoptive, Foster & Biological mothers. The study was acclaimed as pioneering work on this subject in University of Delhi

  • I keep myself up to date with the latest developments in the field of positive psychology. I have obtained certifications for online courses in Positive Psychology from Yale University, USA.

Counsellor & Artist
About Me
Positive Parenting Counselling

Positive Parenting Counselling

My Approach

I provide personalized counseling sessions for parents in need of holistic solutions for the problems they are facing while bringing up their children in the contemporary world.

I believe in preventing future problems. Therefore, Positive Parenting is the need of the hour. This is a specialised area in the field of Positive Psychology, where its stressed to lay a solid behavioural foundation in children through good parenting practices.

My guidance takes into consideration the important and complex processes playing hugely in the behavioural patterns. This would entail understanding the dynamics of the family and the individual in this family setting.


What are the factors that are triggering a certain behavior or behavioral patterns?

It would be important to understand how these factors influence each family member’s lives.

Salient points that are addressed in my counselling: 

  • What is your parenting style? 

  • Every child is unique. The parenting style has to evolve alongside the child. 

  • An important thing to remember is that children are born happy, creative and curious about learning but if the adults respond in an inconsistent way and manner then children start to lose focus and interest. 

  • Parenting is about two people with one response. 

  • Interpersonal issues have to be resolved first or children could manipulate the parents. 
  • Parents and teachers should present a united front. 

  • Any punishment or lack of it reinforces certain attitudes and behaviors.

My Art

Originals and Prints available for certain paintings. Please get in touch to learn more.

My Art
My Articles

My Articles & Writings

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